Maximize your Reach in Germany: Learn about Website Localization

Online: 18.06.2024 | 14:00 - 15:00

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Localizing a website refers to the process of adapting web content to the cultural, linguistic and other specific requirements of a target audience or market. This includes translations, values and trends, legal requirements and local online shopping habits. The aim is to improve the accessibility, relevance and usability of the website for users in a specific geographical or cultural context.

Companies that decide to expand into the German market cannot avoid preparing their website for the new market. Responding to local differences and addressing the target group directly and appropriately is the key to success.

If you want to expand into the German market successfully, you cannot simply translate your website. Learn what you need to look out for to manage a well-performing website with practical tips from real examples of localization analysis.

What you will learn

  1. German market potential and macroeconomic data
    • Size, value and growth of the e-commerce market
    • Biggest players in the e-commerce market
    • Trends, categories and popular sectors
  2. Consumers specifications
    • Popular consumer behaviour
    • Must haves: Payment methods, delivery options, etc.
  3. How to localize a website
    • Checklist for companies
    • Process of localization
  4. Localization: Must Know in DACH-Region
    • Legal, cultural and social particularities
    • Real-life examples from previous localization analyses


    Your speaker: Sina Müller

    • German native specialist for the DACH-region
    • SEO Specialist in the International Team
    • Special field: Localization Analysis and Market Researches

    Sina Müller 🇩🇪

    DACH SEO Specialist